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美国essay代写读后感The Library of Babel

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阿根廷作家豪尔赫·路易斯·博尔赫斯 (Jorge Luis Borges) 在其 1944 年著名的短篇小说《巴别图书馆》中宣称图书馆是上帝的产物。图书馆神圣。此外,博尔赫斯描述了图书馆里的各种事物,从图书管理员到一些传奇的书籍,从宏伟的门厅到书籍的毁坏。图书馆的无限性体现在书中的每一句话中。博尔赫斯将他的宇宙描述为相邻的巨大六边形房间的扩展。每个房间都有生活必需品,还有四面墙的书架。居民认为它包含了故事中25个基本字符的所有可能序列,包括22个字母、句号、逗号和空格,而书籍的序列和细节是随意的,显然毫无意义。博尔赫斯用抽象语言抽象地表达抽象的思想,对宇宙的哲学思考构成的书籍的无序、混乱和重复的思想。
Jorge Luis Borges, an Argentine writer, declared that the library was the product of God in his famous short story, The Library of Babel, which was wrote in 1944. In the short story, Borges emphasizes the eternal existence of the library and makes the library sacred.Besides, Borges describesvarious things in the library, from librarians to some legendary books, from the magnificent foyer to the destruction of books.The infinity of the library is shown in every sentences of the book. Borges describes his universe as an expansion of adjacent andtremendous hexagonal rooms. Each room has basic necessities for life, as well as four walls of bookshelves. The residents believe that it contains all possible sequences of 25 basic characters in the story, including 22 letters, period, comma, and space, while the sequence and details of the books are arbitrary and obviously meaningless. Borges uses abstract language to abstractly express abstract ideas, the thought of the disorder, chaos and repetition of books consisting of philosophical thinking about the universe.

25个文字符号的任意排列构成了所有书籍的可能性,体现了博尔赫斯的语言观察,即语言是世界的本质。 约会烘焙到人类历史发展的最初演变,语言做出了重要贡献。 语言构成了整个世界的组成部分,代表了世界法则的核心。
The arbitrary arrangement of the 25 written symbols constitutes the possibility of all books, reflecting the language observation of Borges, that is to say language is the essence of the world. Dating bake to the initial evolution of human development in history, languagesmakesvitalcontributions. Language constitutes the composition of the entire world and represents the core of the world’slaws.

博尔赫斯构建的图书馆世界在某些方面类似于弗洛伊德的《论梦》中提到的梦境置换。在某些情况下,人们会发生或不发生梦境置换的现象。在梦境置换之后,一些非本质的东西被取代。 重组让梦想变得模糊和复杂,但关键的东西没有改变。 《巴别图书馆》中博尔赫斯的抽象使图书馆形象复杂化,但只有一个主题是永恒不变的。正如弗洛伊德的理论所说,对题材的把握主要是通过视觉进行的。 思想会影响工作内容的建模并重新安排结构(弗洛伊德 55)。 这也适用于博尔赫斯在书中的哲学讨论。
The library world constructed by Borges is similar to the dream displacementmentionedFreud’s On Dreamsin some respects.The phenomena ofdream displacementwill occur or not occur to people in some cases.After dream displacement, some non-essential things are replaced. Reorganization makes dreams vague and complicated, but the key things remain unchanged. The abstraction of Borges in The Library of Babel complicates the image of the library, but there is only one same theme, which is eternal.As Freud's theory says, the grasp of the subject matter is mainly carried out through vision. Thoughts will influence the modelling of work content and rearrange the structure (Freud 55). It also applies to the philosophy discussion of Borges in books.

博尔赫斯在他的书中使用了许多标志性的概念,如无限、现实和许多可视化的图像,如迷宫。 图书馆也是宇宙的一个明显类比。 图书馆的概念是通过与博雷尔的指纹猴定理进行比较而形成的。“六只猴子配备了打字机,在几个永恒的时间里,将生产出大英博物馆的所有书籍”,博尔赫斯(3)在“The 总图书馆”。
Borges uses many signature conceptslike infinity, realityand many visualized images like labyrinthsin his book. The library is also an apparent analogy to the universe. The concept of the library is featured by comparingwith the Borel's dactylographic monkey theorem.“Half-dozen monkeys provided with typewriters would, in a few eternities, produce all the books in the British Museum”, said Borges (3) in the chapter “The Total Library”.

巴别图书馆融合了许多宗教和哲学观点。 小说中图书馆的结构是一个上下无限延伸的六角形回廊,每个回廊的门通向另一个六边形。 这种时空联系的灵感可能来自佛教的世界观。 博尔赫斯提倡隐喻性和感性思维,否定理论性和理性性思维。
The Library of Babel incorporates many religious and philosophical views. The structure of the library in the novel is a hexagonal cloister that extends infinitely up and down, with the door in each cloister leads to another hexagon. The inspiration for this connection of time and space may come from the world theory of Buddhism. Borges advocates themetaphorical and perceptual thinking and denies the theoreticaland rational thinking.
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